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Scientific Program

Friday, September 30, 2022 – starting at 13:00 CEST
(Paris – 13:00, Hong Kong – 19:00, San Diego – 04:00, New York – 07:00, Buenos Aires – 08:00)

  WelcomeZeev Shoham, Israel, Milton Leong, Hong Kong
Session 1: Giants in Reproductive Medicine
John Yovich, Australia introducing Ian Logan Craft, UK
Richard Anderson, UK introducing David Baird, UK
Gamal Serour, Egypt Introducing Sherman Silber, USA
Fertility preservation in children: ovary allotransplantation for Turners girls and testicle microvascular autotransplantation for high cryptorchidism
Sherman Silber, USA
Special Lectures:
Denny Sakkas introducing David Gardner for receiving the awarded the “Order of Australia”
On the future of IVF: Seeing forward by looking back
David Gardner, Australia
IVF/ART Breakthrough from ”GEROSCIENCE”- The newly conceived field slowing aging
Gerald Schatten, USA
The future of ART treatment from my perspective
Carlos Simon, Spain
Session 2: Luteal phase and endometrial receptivity
Luteal support
Lee Shulman, USA
Session 3: The Sperm
Inc Sperm selection for IVF – Where are we now and what holds the future?
Ofer Fainaru, Israel
New Approaches in the Development of Spermatogenesis In vitro
Mahmoud Huleihel, Israel
Session 4: Looking at the uterus
What can we see in the uterus while doing HSG
Uterine pathology that can be detected while doing the ultrasound
Different technical operation by hysteroscopy to treat uterine pathology
Uterine motion analysis:
A novel reproducible objective ultrasound measurement tool for diagnostics and fertility success
Dick Schoot, The Netherlands

Saturday, October 1, 2022 – starting at 10:00 CEST
(Paris – 10:00, Hong Kong – 16:00, San Diego – 01:00, New York – 04:00, Buenos Aires – 05:00)

Session 5: Debate: ICSI should be used for nearly all IVF cycles
Moderator: Roy Homburg, UK
For: John Yovich, Australia
Against: Bryan Woodward, UK
Session 6:
Ovarian reactivation
Sonia Herraiz, Spain
Debate: Immune modulation in RIF
Moderator: Juan Antonio Garcia Velasco, Spain
For: Diana Alecsandru, Spain
Against: Joaquin Llacer, Spain
Session 7: Implantation
Hyaluronic acid (embryo glue) in embryo transfer: myth or reality
Devorah Heymann, Israel
Obesity and IVF
Seang Lin Tan, Canada
Enhance implantation with the use of GH and autologous platelet-rich plasma
Jan Tesarik, Spain
Session 8: Maximizing ART program success
Maximize efficiency and patient’s comfort
Juan Antonio Garcia Velasco, Spain
Patients center perspective
Ariel Weissman, Israel
AI in Reproductive Medicine: The egg, sperm, protocol for stimulation