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Scientific Program

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Friday, April 8, 2022
Starting at 1pm CEST (Paris), 7pm HKT (Hong Kong)

  Welcome – Zeev Shoham, Israel, Milton Leong, Hong Kong
Session 1: Giants in Reproductive Medicine
In memory of Robert Edwards, UK
Roger Gosden, USA
In memory of Howard Jones, USA
Alan DeCherney, USA
Honoring Alan Trounson, Australia
Luca Gianaroli, Italy
Past, Present, and Future: Exciting Moments in My Career
Alan Trounson, Australia
Special award and lecture
The American College of Embryology (EMBCOL) awarded Denny Sakkas, Ph.D. – The Embryologist Of The Year
David Gardner, Australia
The IVF Lab and Embryologist of the Future
Denny Sakkas, USA
Session 2: Improving IVF outcomes
AI to optimize IVF outcome: Where are we today?
Ilan Tur-Kaspa, USA
Supported by an unrestricted grant from IBSA
Embryo morphogenetic score: is this the future?
Giovanni Coticchio, Italy
Poor ovarian response: Clinical practice and treatment options
Juan Antonio Garcia Velasco, Spain
Session 3: New initiative: MedFemTech
This new initiative will highlight the new directory of promising start-ups that bring together pharmaceutical companies, the medical industry, investors and start-ups addressing female health.
Introduction: Yesha Sivan Israel
Ovaterra: Preparing the Body for Pregnancy: The First Evidence-Based Intelligent Fertility Marketplace
Jodi Neuhauser, USA
Home monitoring
IMMA health: Home monitoring: Transvaginal ultrasound in women’s hands
Nadia Prisant, Israel
Hertility Health- the use of prediction algorithms for reproductive and gynecological health in an at-home test
Helen O’Neill, UK
Béa Fertility: Affordable at-home treatment – reintroducing Intracervical insemination
Sandy Christiansen, UK
Infertility workflow
MIM Solutions: EMBRYOAID: Intelligent image data analysis system in infertility diagnostics
MIM Solutions: FOLLISCAN: Intelligent algorithms supporting the doctor in the ultrasound diagnosis of a woman’s ovarian reserve
Ula Sankowska, Poland
Ferty U: Service for ovarian response prediction in IVF infertility treatment
Ksenya Tikhaeva, Russia
FertilAI: AI and Big Data-based platform for automating protocol management in the IVF clinic
Rohi Hourvitz, Israel
Improving stimulation
OptIVF: A software package for predicting optimal drug dosage customized for each patient for IVF cycles, marketed by Stochastic Research Technologies LLC., USA.
Urmila Diwekar, USA
Session 4: Evolving role of genetic tests in reproductive medicine
Supported by an unrestricted grant from Thermo Fisher Scientific
Evolving role of genetic tests in reproductive medicine
Nair Ritu, India
Association between oral and fecal microbiota and the reproductive tract microbiome
Luis A. Alcaraz, Spain
Session 5: COVID-19 and its mRNA vaccine: effects on ovarian function and ART outcome
Moderator: Ariel Weissman, Israel
The effect of SARS-Cov-2 mRNA vaccination on ovarian reserve
Eran Horowitz, Israel
COVID-19 and fertility: what have we learned?
Anat Hershko-Klement, Israel
COVID-19 and IVF outcome
Raoul Orvieto, Israel
Session 6: Fertility Preservation
AMH and Fertility Preservation
Mary Morris, USA
Fertility preservation in young non-iatrogenic POI patients
Dror Meirow, Israel

Saturday, April 9, 2022
Starting at 10am CEST (Paris), 4pm HKT (Hong Kong)

Session 7: ART as a Family Planning Method
Moderators: Ricardo Loret de Mola, USA and Sergio Papier, Argentina
Supported by an unrestricted grant from ALMER
Elective Oocyte Cryopreservation
Marcelo Barrionuevo, USA
Elective preimplantation genetic studies
Nathan Treff, USA
Session 8: New initiative: MedFemTech
This new initiative will highlight the new directory of promising start-ups that bring together pharmaceutical companies, the medical industry, investors and start-ups addressing female health.
Introduction: Yesha Sivan, Israel
Choosing the best oocyte
Future Fertility: A novel, non-invasive oocyte scoring system using AI applied to 2D images
Jullin Fjeldstad, Canada
AIVF: AI for ART – a proven reality.
Daniel Seidman, Israel
Choosing the best embryo
Amplexa Genetics: Non-invasive PGT-A and NGS for optimizing IVF treatments
Tamanna Mohammadi, Denmark
Fairtility: The need for transparent AI in the IVF lab
Cristina Hickman, UK
Improving implantation
Maia Fertility : Breakthrough solution for human infertility: improving embryo implantation by enzymatic remodeling of the endometrium
Irit Sagi, Israel
Fertigo Medical: Pinpoint the IVF window of opportunity
Tsafrir Kolatt, Israel
Choosing the best sperm for fertilization
QART Medical: Quantitative, Morphometric Sperm Cell Selection in ICSI
Mattan Levi, Israel
Baibys: Artificial Intelligence system for autonomous sperm selection before ICSI
Nino Guy Cassuto, France
Improving lab workflow
Fertilis Pty: Making life in the IVF laboratory simpler, safer, and better for embryologists and their patients
Jeremy Thompson, Australia
IVF 2.0 Ltd: Augmented Intelligence in the IVF lab: Selection is no longer a beauty contest
Alejandro Chavez-Badiola, Mexico
Session 9: Luteal Phase Progesterone
The importance of serum Progesterone levels in LPS and the use of rescue protocol with vaginal +s.c.
Elena Labarta, Spain
Supported by an unrestricted grant from IBSA
Late follicular phase progesterone elevation. Is it really important?
Nikolaos Polyzos, Spain
Session 10: Basic research of the ovarian environment
Mechanism of Primordial Follicle Recruitment: the truth about “ovarian rejuvenation”
Sherman Silber, USA
Beyond the gamete: the aging ovarian microenvironment
Francesca Duncan, USA
Ovarian stem cells: Mesenchymal stromal cells as supportive to germline stem cells
Evelyn Telfer, UK
How new research in embryo biology mandates a revaluation of chromosomal testing in IVF and earl pregnancy
Norbert Gleicher, USA
Response by Nathan Treff, USA
Session 11: implantation and supportive of pregnancy with progesterone
Ultrasound Based Endometrial Receptivity Scoring Improves In Vitro Fertilization Pregnancy Rates
Hannah Pierson, Canada
Recurrent implantation failure: Is it the embryo or the endometrium?
Jason Franasiak, USA
Progesterone – Is it a spoilsport or a Game changer in ART
Ameet Patki, India
Session 12: The Uterus
Uterine developmental abnormalities: The role of environment and endocrine disruptors
Hugh Taylor, USA
The role of 3D ultrasound in the diagnosis of uterine congenital malformations
Brunella Zizolfi, Italy
Session 13 : Latest innovation in the diagnosis and treatment of PCOS
Managing of high responders in 2022
Panagiotis Drakopoulos, Greece
New insights into the management of PCOS
Seang Lin Tan, Canada
Why two PCOS phenotypes make much more sense than four
Norbert Gleicher, USA
Session 14: The CHOSE project
Successful IVM in Humans Using Hayashi Principles in Mouse
Sherman Silber, USA
Making Oocytes & Ovarian Tissue From Stem Cells in a Mouse Model
Katsuhiko Hayashi, Japan
Generation of Germ Cells In Humans From Skin Biopsies
Amander Clark, USA
Stem Cell Therapies for Infertility
Kyle Orwig, USA
Closing remarks